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This is the newest Ti Automotive brushless fuel pump, with their new PWM input enabled controller. Can be run using fixed DC of 100%. So if your ECU has the capabilities you can vary output to your hearts content. I’ve also bypassed the oem fuel path and filter which I feel is quite restrictive. I’m sure some of you have noticed when installing your pumps the fuel inlet is quite small. .154 to be exact. Where as the outlet of a 525 or a 535 is .222 and a -6 fitting is about .295. I think you all get the point! It’s small! The outlet is -6 on top which can be stepped to whatever your line size is. The oem feed line now becomes the return line. There are many articles about this pump and its amazing flow at quite high pressures. It also draws much lower current than the 525 or 535.(under 18-20amps) If anyone is going to ask this is not the same as what Injector dynamics is offering. Their control is far superior. This is simply a different option. This will require you to fit your own aftermarket fuel filter. I would recommend. Injector dynamics or Aeromotive filters. This will also likely require a larger FPR what can deal with the flow. I’m currently rate this for 700-750 whp on e-85. More if you use a boost a pump to raise voltage to 18v.

Drop in Brushless Fuel pump

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