Preventative Maintenance


Brake maintenance is one of the most overlooked items on your car. Yearly service can extend the life of one of most important systems in your car​. This is why we check your brakes each and every time you drop by for service.

When we do our signature brake service, we disassemble all moving parts, remove corrosion from all sliding and mating surfaces and lube with high temp ceramic brake lube. We also de-glaze the pads and rotors. If required, we can machine the rotors or drums.

We will also test your brake fluid for moisture content and contamination. If it is too high, we will recommend a compete brake flush. Not only does this prevent corrosion from the inside of all brake parts, but will also prevent brake failure in an emergency stop due to the moisture boiling in the fluid.

The result is extended brake life and the restoration of braking power.


We used to call this a "lube, oil and filter" service. The truth is, most cars have no ‘lube’ points or grease fittings any more. Steering components are filled at the factory with grease and are not serviceable.

At Seamless Auto Care we treat service differently. Our Essential Service consists of an oil filter change and the use of premium synthetic blend oil. If required we will use a full synthetic or conventional oil. If your vehicle has grease fittings, we will grease them at no additional charge. all hinges will be lubricated and washer fluid topped up. 

We also do a quick inspection of your vehicle, which includes all exterior lamps, accessory  belts, brakes (visual), suspension, and air and cabin filters (when easily accessible).

You only pay for what you need! We have a flat rate for the labour and we only charge you for a filter and how much oil your engine requires. The ‘lube’ and inspection are free! Package prices might sound like a bargain, but are typically priced for the largest of vehicles.


Tires don't stay balanced forever. We firmly believe that tires should be balanced each and every time they are installed on your car. And for that reason we price our install & balancing the same as other shops charge for a basic install. This means you will be riding nice on each seasonal changeover. Balancing not only makes the ride smooth, but also helps extend the life of other components affected by vibration.

Every car should have an alignment once a year. As parts wear and the roads pound your suspension, settings will change and this will cause excessive tire wear and poor handling. On newer cars with stability control, this is even more critical for proper operation.


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